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What is T1 Internet?

A T1 Internet line is a fast, multi-channel line that offers higher bandwidth and capacity than typical business-class cable or DSL alternatives. A T1 line allows you to transmit voice and data on the same line at the same time.

The evolution of T1 Internet

Telephones work by relaying an analog signal over 2 copper wires. The signal can only move in one direction at a time because it travels along a single path. With a T1 line, the signal is digital and has multiple pathways.

In the days before digital, if a telephone customer wanted to add new lines, the phone company had to physically come out and run more copper wires at the customer's location. For every line the phone company added, it charged the customer. With a T1 connection, you can add up to 24 different lines for the same price. Whether you are a small business with 10 employees or 200, a T1 Internet line can service all of your data and voice needs.

TA T1 Network connection transmits data faster

When the Internet was in its infancy, dial-up was the only way to get online. It was a slow process, and noisy, process. Then along came DSL and cable broadband. They were certainly faster than dial-up, but as Internet use became more ubiquitous, an ever-growing gap appeared in the speeds customers were promised and what they actually experienced.

A T1 Internet line eliminates the inconsistency problem with DSL and cable by delivering an always-on connection. Instead of sharing a line with other Internet users in the same area and competing with those users to connect to the Internet, a T1 line is dedicated to your small business and no one else. Your connectivity and speed is no longer beholden to other broadband customers in your local area.

A T1 line won't get bogged down with traffic because it is your own private HOV lane. You can bypass everyone else competing on a single connection because you have your own direct route to the Internet. It's faster because your connection won't slow down due to increased traffic during peak hours. It's more secure because you are the only user with access to the line over which your data travels.

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