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Upgrade to maximum capacity with a T3 line

Is your business booming? Ready to grow and expand? More locations and more employees means more data. T1internet.com is there to accommodate your growth with a T3 line. A T3 circuit channel carries multiple T1 channels, 28 to be precise. A T3 line is made up of nearly 30 T1 lines, each transmitting data at 1.544Mbps. With a T3, your small business will be able to handle significantly higher volume at higher speeds.

T1 vs. T3

How do you determine which connection is right for you? It depends on the capacity you need, your projection for growth, and in some cases, your type of business.

  • T1 vs T3 speed: Simply put, comparing T1 to T3 is comparing 1.544Mbps to approximately 45Mbps. Like its name suggests, a T3 is nearly 30 times faster than a T1 connection.
  • Who needs T3?: If your small business needs reliable, high-speed Internet access on a more secure, dedicated line, then T1 may be the way to go. But if your small business needs high-speed AND high-capacity Internet, it may be time to look into T3 service. Also, if your small business is growing rapidly, maybe approaching a point that's not even technically a "small" business anymore, a T3 upgrade may be right for you.

T3 may be the right choice for your small business, especially if it relies on high-bandwidth applications or has just outgrown its existing T1 service. It's a business by business decision, which is why you should call and talk to a T1 expert today. They'll help you decide which connection type is right for you.

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