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Benefits of a Tier 1 Network connection

A tier 1 network is closer to the backbone of the Internet, which means if you're connected to one, you have a more direct connection. Some providers own and operate their tier 1 network. Other providers buy space on tier 1 or tier 2 networks and then sell it to you. Either way you go, connecting to a Tier 1 Network can mean better speeds and more reliability for your business internet.

A Tier 1 Network makes all the difference in your T1 Internet experience

With a Tier 1 Network connection you get unparalleled speed, reliability and support for your small business.

  • Around the clock service and support: Business class internet comes with business class support. That means less (if any) downtime and faster response.
  • Dedicated connection at the network level: Tier 1 gives you a dedicated connection to the Internet.
  • Online monitoring: Monitor your Tier 1 Network connection and the overall health of your telecommunications infrastructure with a web-based monitoring and reporting tool. Get 24/7 access to customer support over the phone as well.

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