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Upgrade your telecom network with a T1 line

A T1 Internet connection is categorically better than DSL and cable, every time. A T1 line is faster, more dynamic and more cost-effective for your telecommunication infrastructure. But what does that really mean for the way you do business each day?

  • Rely on symmetrical upload and download speeds and get more done. Cable and DSL offer asymmetrical speeds, which means your uploads may not be as fast as your downloads, and that can hurt data transmission. A T1 line helps you make efficient use of your network all day
  • Transfer data in the fast lane with a dedicated T1 line - Not only does a T1 line deliver symmetrical bandwidth, it's also incredibly fast. 1.544 Mbps is the equivalent of 24 phone lines and can accommodate multiple users.
  • Get amped up security with T1 - Your T1 line is more secure than a typical broadband Internet connection. Instead of sharing an access line with multiple cable customers, you have your own direct connection. Your T1 line is always on.
  • Count on a Tier 1 network for unparalleled service and support - All T1 lines connect you to the same Internet. The difference you will experience with is a Tier 1 network. Especially with a provider that owns and operates the network, so you get top notch service. Cut out the middle man and connect straight to the source with a T1 line.

Choose a bonded T1 line for even more speed

You'll really be cruising with multiple T1 lines fused together for greater bandwidth. A bonded T1 line can deliver up to 6 Mpbs, giving you up to four times the voice and data capacity of a traditional T1 line.

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