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Prepare your Richardson business for growth with a T1 line for your business

What does it mean to get a T1 line for your Richardson small business? It means better communication. It means being poised to expand and accommodate increased communication demand without rebuilding your infrastructure. Your small business T1 line gives you the capacity to grow, the flexibility to change, and the service you need to excel.

  • Voice capability: your Richardson T1 line will be able to accommodate up to 24 simultaneous phone calls. The phone company charges per line. Each time you grow, you have to pay for it. But with a T1 line your Richardson small business is able to carry more calls for less. A T1 line gives you the capacity to grow, and the ability to dynamically scale your business needs. Not using all the voice lines? If you have an integrated voice and data plan, you can use the same T1 line for data instead.
  • Data capability: your T1 line in Richardson is a dedicated data line. Only your small business has access to the data flowing over your connection — it's not shared with anyone else. Being the only one on the network has its perks, like faster speed, reliable data transfer, and better overall service. Unlike cable or DSL, which advertise one speed and deliver another, your T1 line in Richardson delivers on the advertised speed, every time.
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Connect your business to the best network

It's important to find a provider that can give your Richardson small business a guaranteed tier 1 network connection. A fully-peered nationwide Tier 1 network offers top performance, connectivity and throughput. A Tier 1 network design maximizes redundancy, automatically routing your voice and data packets through the path of least resistance. With a Tier 1 connection you're ensured high-level service all day, every day.

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