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Check out the benefits of a T1 for your business

The primary point of a T1 Internet connection is to increase your speed. So, how fast is T1? In technical terms, T1 bandwidth speed is 1.544 Mbps, or 24 channels with a 64Kbps bandwidth (24 x 64 = 1.544). In practical terms, that means your small business will be able to conduct 24 simultaneous phone calls or accommodate normal Internet browsing and streaming for up to 50 users at once.

Plus, T1 bandwidth speed delivers symmetrical upload and download times. So you'll also enjoy simultaneous upload and download capability. Your small business could do more with the increased speed of T1.

Does your speed fluctuate throughout the day?

If you have a T1 line, speed test results should be much more consistent, no matter what time of day you take the speed test.

A dedicated T1 line means that you are the only user with access. Your connection is always on and a Tier 1 Network is available all day, every day. Some cable and DSL providers put you on a shared network, making you share bandwidth with other businesses, and sometimes even residential customers. This creates bandwidth bottlenecks during peak hours that can slow down your data transmissions and decrease productivity. A T1 line gives you bandwidth consistency, all day long.

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