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Give your small business an edge with T1 Internet

One benefit of service from T1 internet is the scalability. Big to small, T1internet.net knows the business of internet. T1 internet services can grow with you. For example, you can start with a dedicated T1 line, and move up to a bonded T1 line as your business grows. A bonded T1 line ups the power and capability of your T1 line, without making the full jump into a T3 line.

Give your T1 connection extra bandwidth with T1 bonded lines

Bonded T1 means that multiple T1 lines are physically fused together to deliver greater bandwidth to your T1 connection. It delivers an extra burst of power to your existing T1 line. It's an efficient way to get more from your T1 dedicated line.

All T1 lines come with the following benefits:

  • Security: Your small business will have exclusive Internet access on a dedicated T1 line. You do not share your T1 line with any other business.
  • Connectivity: Take advantage of an always-on connection, and a guaranteed uptime to boost your productivity.
  • Service: Your small business bonded T1 line could be backed by a Tier 1 network, which offers more reliable speeds and uptime.

It's time for an upgrade. Your small business gets an additional 1.544Mbps for each T1 line that it bonds. Think of a bonded T1 line as a speed multiplier. The more T1 lines your small business chooses to bond together, the faster your high-speed Internet connection will be.

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