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A T1 Line gives your small business an edge

Exclusive T1 Line Benefits!

  • Speeds 60x faster than residential lines
  • Fewer outages and downtime
  • More bandwidth for scalable capacity
  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds
  • Combine voice and data on a single T1 line
  • More security, no shared connections

In this fast-paced, economically unstable business world, your small business needs reliable, business-class internet and phone service. Cable and DSL offer internet services for small business, but business customers have to compete with residential customers for the business-class service and support they deserve. The telephone company can only deliver Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), for which it will cost your small business each time you grow and need to add a new phone line. Why not save by combining your voice and data needs on a T1 line that delivers dependability, speed and capacity to accommodate the coming growth of your small business?

T1 Line: Guaranteed speed, even during peak hours

With broadband internet from cable or DSL providers, customers share an internet connection with other users in the area. The more users who are sending and receiving data at one time, the slower your internet connection speed might be. At high-traffic periods during the day, your connection may fail entirely due to the high volume of data other users transmit.

A T1 internet line eliminates this problem because your T1 is solely yours. Your dedicated line gets faster, more consistent speed than the cable and DSL alternatives. Your small business deserves better business-class internet. Get a T1 line and get dedicated internet access that is fast, secure and reliable.

T1 Line: Offers speed and security

When multiple users access the same connection to the internet, the data transmitted over that connection is more vulnerable to interception by prying eyes. If your small business is conducting financial transactions or transmitting sensitive information over its internet connection, you owe it to yourself and your clients to upgrade to a T1 line. Because your small business will be the only user, a T1 internet line can be safer than broadband connections. Help make your data transmissions less vulnerable with T1 service.

Ask what the Tier 1 network can do for your small business

When you get a T1 line, you can count on service and support from an award-winning telecommunications company operating a high-level Tier 1 network. A Tier 1 network is an "always on" direct connection to the internet. Some providers own, operate, and maintain the network, others "lease" network space from providers and sell it to you.

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